Affiliate program

We pay for a recommendation


Recommend us to your friends. We will do the rest ourselves: we will tell you about the services, how they work, how much you can earn with us and help you register a personal account.

You'll get:

  • 10% bonus from your friend's balance
  • 10% bonus to your friend from his replenishment
  • 3% money to your account


Why do we pay immediately?

It's no secret that InvestGT earns on commissions from completed transactions. According to statistics, the average duration of active cooperation of each client with us is more than 1 year, so we immediately pay a part of the future profit for your recommendation.

Choose an affiliate program that suits you


If at least 3 people have become our clients following your recommendation, you will be assigned the status of a partner agent, and you will start receiving an additional $7 per month from each closed lot on the accounts of the clients you attracted.

You'll get:

  • 3% money to your account
  • 10% bonus from your referral's balance
  • $7 from each closed lot on your referrals' accounts

Internet partner

The program is addressed to website owners whose visitors are interested in investments, online trading and finance in general. Send them from your resource to the InvestGT broker website and get income.

Вы получите:

  • The amount of the commission for the "Internet Partner" program: discussed on an individual basis.

Regional partner

The program is designed to promote the InvestGT broker in different cities. You — an experienced partner who has been working confidently in his city in the Forex market for a long time? Do you have a large client base? Increase your income by promoting InvestGT services.

You'll get:

  • The size of the commission under the program "Regional Partner": discussed on an individual basis.

Own brand

You representative of a bank, broker, other financial company that has its own recognizable brand? Don't give it up — offer your customers new services from InvestGT and thereby increase your income.

You will get:

  • The size of the commission under the program "Own brand": discussed on an individual basis.

Why is it beneficial

  • Guaranteed accruals

    Guaranteed accruals

  • Work

    Works with any investment service

  • Does not depend on market movement

  • Monthly charges

  • Without your investment

    Without your investment

Lot calculation example:

With a deposit of $10,000, let's take an average volume of 7.5 lots, in this situation, your monthly payments will be $52.5. Suppose that in a few months the size of the deposit due to profit has increased to $15,000, then the volume of lots will increase proportionally, your monthly payments will already amount to $78.75.

How to find people who are interested in our services so that you can receive payments:

  1. Leave the contact details of friends you know on our site and we will contact them ourselves;
  2. Recommend us to friends and family;
  3. Share on social media networks about us, our services, share your personal experience, leave your promotional code;
  4. Recommend our services, share your personal experience in the comments on thematic portals and leave your promotional code;
  5. Place your promo code in your signature on the forums;
  6. Send your promo code via email.

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