36% per annum

Guaranteed accruals to your trading account, regardless of market movements. Can complement any InvestGT service!

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Make the most of your funds

All you need to do is deposit funds to your trading account in our company. Then you can use any trading tools - both independently and as an investment service. Every month we will calculate interest on the amount remained unused, considering your status in the company.

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Interest rates

100000 $
1 000$
1 000 000$
1 mon
12 mon


Interest rate
0 %
Monthly income
0 $

Why it is beneficial

  • Guaranteed accruals

    Guaranteed accruals

  • Works

    Works with any investment service

  • Independent

    Independent of market movement

  • Monthly accrual

    Monthly accrual

  • Interest capitalization

    Interest capitalization

    More means better

    Choose your income

    We have provided six statuses and set interest rates for each of them:

    • Standard — 5$ for every 1000$ (6% per annum)
    • Bronze — $10 for every $1000 (12% per annum)
    • Silver — $15 for every $1000 (18% per annum)
    • Gold — $20 for every $1000 (24% per annum)
    • Platinum — 25$ for every 1000$ (30% per annum)
    • Personal — $30 for every $1000 (36% per annum)

    Detailed rules

    Get the most — trust management combined with VIP status and 36% per annum

    If you want to receive a more stable and high income - get VIP status and the guaranteed percentage will automatically increase, which will give the trader wider trading functionality, as well as preferential conditions for making transactions

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