Automatic copying of transactions of successful traders with full control of your funds.

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Autotrading Service principle

  • 1

    The investor selects the trader and connects to his account

  • 2

    The trader successfully operates in his account

  • 3

    The results of his trade are showed in investors' accounts

  • 4

    Both investor and trader profit from transactions or deals

    How is profit calculated?

    A professional trader, operating on his account, receives income as well as you and information on the trading is copied to your account. For his work, the trader receives 50% reward of the income that he has earned for you.

    In addition, you are guaranteed to receive up to 36% per annum on the free balance of funds on your account. The amount of this accrual depends on the remained unused amount - the larger it is, the higher the percentage.

    3000 $
    10 000$
    1 mon
    12 mon
    20 000 $

    Get the most — trust management combined with VIP status and 36% per annum

    Do you want to receive a more stable and high income – get VIP status and the guaranteed percentage will automatically increase, which will give the trader wider trading functionality, as well as preferential conditions for making transactions.

    How to start using the Autotrade service?

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      You leave a request for advice

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      We’ll contact you, have a primary consultation and make an appointment

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      When we meet in person, we develop an individual investment plan for you

    • 4

      The trader starts to work and you start to make a profit

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