Trust management

Proper investment management is one of the most difficult tasks facing an investor. Entrust its decision to professional managers - use trust management.

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Perpetual investment 

We offer trust management of funds — as simple for our clients as a bank deposit, but much more profitable, because the money is constantly working.

Conclude a trust management agreement and you will have at your disposal the knowledge and experience of InvestGT traders. Having all the completeness of financial information, they will take on active work with investments — and you will have to make a monthly profit.

3 types of trade manager

  • Conservative trading

    Investing funds into conservative market instruments. The most conservative type of trading.

    1 – 3%
    per month
  • Balanced trading

    Opportunity to receive increased income by investing in a mixed type of securities and currencies.

    4 – 8%
    per month
  • Highly profitable trading

    Investing funds into high yield instruments. Opportunity to earn maximum income.

    from 9%
    per month

Calculate your income

100000 $
10 000$
1 000 000$
1 mon
12 mon

Type of trade

Conservative trading
Balanced trading
Highly profitable trading



Trust management:

Top Best Traders of 2021

Get the most — trust management combined with VIP status and 36% per annum

Do you want to receive a more stable and high income – get VIP status and the guaranteed percentage will automatically increase, which will give the trader wider trading functionality, as well as preferential conditions for transactions.

How to start using the trust management service

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    You leave a request for advice

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    We’ll contact you, have a primary consultation and make an appointment

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    When we meet in person, we develop an individual investment plan for you

  • 4

    The trustee starts to work within the chosen strategy and you start to make a profit

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